this weekend hailing from Raleigh..

this weekend hailing from Raleigh.. good road trip, tho’ our power converter wasn’t working, so Jeremiah couldn’t watch videos in the cars like we had planned for; the (brand-new) converter kept beeping, something about low voltage; thought that came to mind was how people want to make a difference, make an impact, leave their mark; for many, I’ve found they don’t think in these terms at all – they might have a personal dream of pleasure, or a good life, but not particularly impacting or such; for others, it’s their accomplishments, achievements, things they do, and how that might influences the masses; for some others, they want a legacy with a name imprinted on a building, plaque, academic chair, establishing an institution, or organization, or movement, such that their impact can last for years and generations; for myself, I’d much prefer personal impact through relationships, walking along side of them, know their full humanity, see their dreams fulfilled.. I got to see that this weekend. That’s life change up close – that’s what thrills my soul!

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