Thinking in Austin

Here are thoughts that’ve crossed my mind today:

  • Yesterday on my only day home in weeks, I conducted open-heart surgery on my Treo 600. It occasionally has a terrible buzzing, heard only by the person I’m calling. Several web forums (Cingular, TreoCentral, have noted this problem, and my Hawaiian friend has had similiar problems. I followed the “Removing Buzzing Project” instructions from XiaoBin’s Site for Treo 600. Note: This will probably void your warranty. I went ahead and tried this hacker solution, b/c I feel so stuck with another 1.5 years to go on the calling plan contract. If I were to call customer service, it’ll be hours of running their troubleshooting diagnostics, and having their rep read their script – they can only do what they’re scripted for. The scripted solution might work for some phones, but it’s not working for me. I can’t get a backup phone to quickly swap my SIM card, b/c AT&T Wireless is now Cingular, and my SIM card is locked for use with AT&T Wireless phones only. Some are Investigating Lawsuit Against PalmOne for Treo 600 Buzz. And, I just found this thread, TREO 600 Cingular Reception Problems in Texas, which explains why my phone was behaving badly today. The phone is a novel concept, and I love having a 1-piece hardware that does both cell phone + PDA functions; my favorite function is being able to dial contacts from the address book. But it seems too difficult + costly for them to maintain some semblence quality control.
  • This little fix would greatly enhance the airport experience: prominently place large digital clocks at terminals. Let us passengers know the exact time they’re working by, since gates close earlier now, and timing is always crucial.
  • Along the Austin highways are multi-lane service roads, U-turns under the overpasses, and flyovers at major highway interchanges (most other places have cloverleaf exit ramps). Only in Texas (I think).
  • Austin ranks as the 3rd most wired city, lots of wifi around town (according to Intel’s Most Unwired Cities survey). Austin Wireless City Project has a bunch of free wireless internet (wifi) locations listed, including some at Dairy Queen! Just for the experience of it, and my favorite soft serve, I’ve got to make way over there before the weekend, and have me a delectable ice cream sundae and blog from there. The closest one to me is on Burnet Road.
  • Hung out at the Liquid office this afternoon, first time at headquarters. What an incredible productivity center: love the curvy lines at every desk and conference room too, loft setting makes it cozy and conversational. Even though 6 people share limited space, it doesn’t feel crammy. I would post some photos, but my pix turned out poor.

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