things that come in 3s

Good rhetorical / speaking/ presentation skills often talk about things in 3s. Not to push the numerology thing too far, or to point to the origin of all things in creation back to the Trinity, and how Jesus spoke in 3s, e.g. “the way, the truth, the life”. But here’s 3 things, in no particular order:

A recent Baltimore Sun article about Brian McLaren described the emergent church as a movement: the “emergent church” movement, which emphasizes environmentalism and racial and sexual tolerance, while distancing itself from the social conservatism of the religious right. Having been a (small) part of that emergent/ emerging conversation, I have not heard the strong emphasis on the items listed, tho’ they do show up in the mix. I’d think the emphasis is more on a new kind of theology and a new kind of church. But then again, for some, religion is just politics, and/or religion is just sociology.

This weekend, we, my wife and I, celebrate our 10th anniversary!!!!!!!!!! It’s been quite an adventure, much more than we’d bargained for, and the recent years have been much better than the earlier years. While I take much freedom to share about much of my life, inner and outer, I cannot (yet?) take the liberty to talk about my married life (contra The Happy Husband or Marriages Restored). What I can say, I think, is that we’ll be taking an excursion to an undisclosed location to celebrate.

Terry talked about business card strategies, and beyond branding, cards are also very useful as memory joggers for people you’ve met. So when I ordered these temporary cards while waiting for the official corporate cards, I selected a template that let me insert a picture of myself! How often have you met people at a conference or seminar, and forget to jot down a note about the conversation? And how often a face with a name can, perhaps, be a better reminder than a few keywords that loses its meaning and context after time?

[updated 5/5/5] Get a business card with your pix on it at – that’s where I got mine.

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  1. enoch choi says:

    congrats! tania & i will have been together 10 years come june 😉

  2. Ben says:

    Hey DJ, Congrats on ten years! Your site looks great. I look forward to checking it out more. Thanks for the link.

  3. Opie says:

    Re the McLaren article: When you found a church movement as a reaction to the politics of another sector of the church, you’ve already founded it on your own politics. This isn’t the answer.

  4. Desmond says:

    Congratulation on ten years… No it’s never easy!

  5. chris says:

    Agree with points 1 and 3. Congrats on #2…not the making of it, but point 2 of your post.

  6. congrats on 10 years. crazy how fast it goes by right? Nikki and I will have been married for 9 years this summer. it has absolutely flown by. makes me wonder how quickly the next 9 will go, especially b/c we’ll have kids.

  7. rudy says:

    dj where can i get a business card like yours?

  8. djchuang says:

    I got it through – select a “Premium Business Card” > Browse by Styles & Themes > Using your photos/logo. Over a dozen different layouts and colors, easy fill-in-the blank templates. $24.98 plus shipping for 250; better rate for more cards.