theological litmus test

in a previous email dialogue with an alum from my seminary, I put together this metrix for measuring what he seemed to be trying to label as “liberal” vs. “conservative” .. I’d imagine there are some out there who are very black and white about those 2 categories.. I think it’s more helpful to think of the theological spectrum in varying gradations… here’s the continuum I drew out.. I had offered to make this a collaborative effort, but he wasn’t particularly responsive. He got stuck on how anyone could claim to be a “Christian” if they didn’t measure up to a certain score, or affirming an “individual salvation”..

For the sake of mathematics, I put -5 for the most liberal, and +5 for the most conservative. Negative/positive are not a value judgment, I could just as easily reverse the polarity.. and these are broad approximations, there’s not a definitive way to measure these theological categories; plus, those in a particular position on the spectrum do not necessarily agree with each other. [there’s such theological divisiveness!]


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  1. Howdy DJ! I once again am enjoying looking at your site and the blog! The homepage I listed here is actually Dad’s new site, – Say, take a look at my brother Jordan’s site w/ his blog – You remember Jim and Jordan Gallagher? Jordan’s site URL is – Dad’s site is suppose’ to have a blog soon too. Dad was laid off from Macromedia March 4th and is beginning a new corporation. His specialty is Fontographer / fonts. Well I am sitting here laughing & enjoying your list of liberal to conservative, from -5 to +5. So funny and fun! Now why in the world did you put Campolo THERE?! He he he! You don’t think he’s very liberal? /grin/ And where would you put the charismatics and the Pentecostals? I don’t see them anywhere! Well, my Baptist pastor has resigned, and we now have a new pastor, as well as a fancy new church building with a stained-glass window – all quite expensive. I wish we still had the old pastor, but he has moved away and taken a new pastorate. A lot of semi-freaky things happened, and we surely could have had a church split. I am not a member of any church, [but am a Christian], by the way. Best wishes to you and yours. God bless you, DJ…..

  2. rudy says:

    I think i’m between +1 and +2