the switch

We’ve made the switch here at to WordPress 1.5! After hearing the buzz from Matt and others, and then watching Rudy make the switch in 10 minutes (I was on an AIM chat with him while he gave me the color commentary), and then I installed it a few days ago. It was such a dream, I cannot believe my eyes on how smooth it runs, and how quickly this script imported all my posts from my previous blog engine (b2evolution).

Not only a switch of blog engines, I’ve put my blog front and center on my domain home page. (I had noticed last summer that web traffic to my blog surpassing my home page’s.) Much much more to say about this. Stay tuned right here. [note to self: talk about history of this website, history of my blogging and blog engines used, changes yet to be made]

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  1. todd says:

    dj, welcome to wordpress. i made the switch from movable type not too long ago and i am absolutely loving it. man, i am so easily satisfied….

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