The Procession Photos

click here to see the photo album of The Procession of Ronald Reagan. the photos and pages are being loaded at this very moment. My favorite photo is here. I’m using Limon Photo Album, a freeware photo album generator to build this web-based album, excellent clean software design and output, and doesn’t require a web host with PHP scripting. [ *note: initially, some pages and photos are broken, due to FTP transfer breaking midstream 🙁 finally at 8:34pm 6/10/04, all pages and photos are online- took using 3 bargain web servers.. lesson learned: with a new 5mx camera, I gotta get more web space..]

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  1. tony sheng says:

    Hi DJ

    Just a quick note of thanks for enduring the heat to take those and posting them… Wow, what an experience. I know I appreciate the glimpse into a pretty cool experience.