the multi-site church revolution

Left behind. The book was great. The food and movie was great too. I got halfway through reading this book while waiting for the rest of my family (wife and son) to show up. Then we did lunch and a movie together. They distracted me, in a good sense. But, the book got forgotten, and left behind, probably on that empty 4th seat at the food court.

The book, the multi-site church revolution, is an enormously useful read. Even though I’m out of the business of churching and pastoring, I still have a fascination with new ways of doing church and seeing innovation (especially) in the church (and in other areas of life too). This book serves as a very handy workbook that walks a church leadership team through the critical questions to assess and plan for bringing worship and ministry to multiple venues and locations. It shows that there are many ways to run multi-sites (not only one model) and churches of all sizes doing it too (not only megachurches.)

Great piece of work, Geoff, Greg, and Warren! (I did notice that I got mentioned in the acknowledgement for providing feedback to an early manuscript, but I don’t remember what I wrote back. I’m more than pleased to see the excellent finished product!)

And, yes(!), the book has a blog, with a great set of free tools in the left sidebar.

Plus, even my little hometown of 20,000, Winchester, Virginia, has a multi-site church that’s growing up and down the Shenandoah Valley!

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  1. Elijah says:

    I’ve been talking with a friend of mine about multisite churches. He was at the recent conference. I’m not in the paid ministry side of things anymore either, but here’s a link to my friend’s, Keith and Dave’s, blog post about it: