The legacy of Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker leaves behind an enormous legacy, way beyond being the father of modern management in the business world. He’s also left behind a profound contribution to the non-profit world, aka the emerging social sector. One of the organizations inspired by Drucker is Leadership Network, described as a megachurch consultancy by New York Times.

Leadership Network would not be the same — in fact, might not exist at all — were it not for Peter Drucker. Bob Buford says that, although the idea for Leadership Network was his, he consulted Drucker about it before he and Fred Smith Jr. co-founded this organization in 1984. As a testimony to Drucker’s profound influence on Leadership Network, Buford has observed, “Peter Drucker is the “intellectual father” of most all that guides his approach to philanthropy. “I’ve long since ceased trying to determine what thoughts are mine and which come from Peter. The Atlantic magazine editor, Jack Beatty, interviewed me for two hours in 1997 for a book titled, The World According to Peter Drucker. He only used six words that I said: “He’s the brains, I’m the legs.” Those are the exactly right six words.”

Catholic Charities and Saddleback Church are also mentioned in this piece. Read the entire article from Leadership Network Advance, an email newsletter about innovative church strategies.

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