The Gates

Yes, we made it to The Gates! (and made it back too) Hoards of people from all over the world. Those same people overflowed to the art museums nearby too. The biggest unanswered question revolving around this giant art installation has been: what is the meaning? True to postmodern form, the artist behind its conception, and those who get it, says it’s just something that has to be experienced. We did not walk through the entire 7,000+ gates, which traversed over 23+ miles all over Central Park. We did contribute to the traffic jam of driving around Central Park for a preview before we went on foot. We did eat big deli sandwiches from Stage Deli. We did sit for almost an hour getting in, and getting out, via the Lincoln Tunnel. I hit my upload limit at so wasn’t able to post all my photos there — I’ve uploaded 194 of my photos at The Gates over at 🙁

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  1. donna says:

    Thanks for posting these! Everyone around me has been/ is going up to see the installation, so i’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself. Thanks for “bringing some home” to the little people, DJ.

  2. Elijah says:

    Awesome. We were talking about The Gates in the class I’m taking at Fuller (Theology and Art)! I see you’re into flickr. My brother can’t stop raving about it. Is it really that good of a product? I hate to have to pay for more webtools, hehe.