The Emerging Church, Part Two

Earlier today, there was Until 7:00pm (Eastern) tonight, you’ll get a message like this at the Religion & Ethics Newsweekly cover story:

It appears that you have tried to access a page that is not currently available on the Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly Web site. Please note that stories for the current week are not available on the Web site until 7 pm Eastern Standard Time on Friday evenings. Please check back at that time to read this story and access any related multimedia materials.

And as the large hand strikes 12 tonight, you’ll get toYou can now see (the video) and read (the transcript) Part 2 of the PBS segment about the Emerging Church.

Part 1 is online here, with sound bites from Doug Pagitt, Don Carson, Brian McLaren, Scot McKnight, Roy Terry, Diana Butler Bass, Tony Jones [in order of appearance]. Looked more closely in the footer, and there’s extended interviews with four of these.

[evening update] Don’t miss out on the video extra: sound bites from the 2005 Emergent Convention attendees! One of our favorite bloggers, Lilly Lewin, got in a few words! (for the record, I didn’t get interviewed, probably b/c I wasn’t attending most of the paid sessions, and wound up hangin’ out with people most of the time)

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  1. gavin says:

    i would have figured you didn’t get interviewed as your were casing nashville for wi-fi connections. thanks for the update on the pbs, it doesn’t seem to be getting play in nashville.. funny since some of it was filmed here.