The Connection?

Question >> What is your opinion about The Apprentice, and how does it relate to the postmodern church?

djchuang >> astute observation, that I often make observations without giving my opinions.. I think my keen (sometimes overstating the obvious) observations are worth more than my opinions, but nevertheless, you caught me pontificating but not really 🙂 I love The Apprentice b/c it’s the most real of the reality tv shows, and I’m so into being real and in the now.. I think the final 5 or 6 candidates were all similarly matched in capabilities and performance, and the filtering became more about what the Trump organization needed, rather than who was better, and justifiably so.. going into the final week, I thought it’d be Nick and Amy as the final 2, and now you know how wrong my instincts were on that..

how it relates to the postmodern (pomo) church perhaps includes this compare/contrast echo: (1) people want to see a more honest reality, and the pomo church does that a little better than the modern church.. the latter finds itself too often being the answer dispenser, while the pomo church is more capable at showing the raw footages, the real angst of unanswered prayers, the reality of things not always turning out okay in a 30-minute sermon, the open ending, but yet real people holding on to hope, in God and in the community.. (cf. 1 Peter 3:15), let the camera’s run 24/7, (2) life unscripted, let’s see how things happen in real life, unrehearsed, (3) The Apprentice is about business, nothing personal; The Church is about being/doing together, it is personal — love one another is the big commandment from The One, regardless of chemistry or personality, we’re in the Body of Christ, we share in The Family, we have to work together for The Mission.. (4) The Donald has bad hair and a coupla billions in the City; The Savior has great white hair full of wisdom, owns it all, and is building a New City, and says you’re hired to do the best job for Him, and get the best perks as shareholders (cf. Rom 8:17)

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