the #blizzard2016 church tour: online churches stay open

As millions of people are here in the #blizzard2016 not going anywhere. Even though most churches have cancelled worship services, there are #blizzard2016 churches worshipping online using the Internet to connect people with God and with one another with their online campuses, online church, livestream, and even Periscope! (I happen to be in 25″+ of snowfall in Rockville, Maryland here at my Mom’s, grounded after a business trip.)

Here are churches in #jonasblizzard #snowmaggedon2016 #Snowzilla (I could find) that are celebrating life and goodness with online worship services (add more in the comments):

On-demand video of a featured sermon for #blizzard2016


How do churches respond to inclement weather closings and cancellations?

  • announce church is closed & say “God bless you”
  • announce church is closed & say bless others by shoveling snow for neighbors
  • close church and refer people to the on-demand sermon video archives
  • close church and provide a scripted liturgy or curation of devotional resources
  • close church and broadcast a message specifically recorded for this event
  • close church and broadcast a repurposed message with live interactive chat
  • close church and have a live worship service using real-time livestream
  • keep church open as usual

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