the Bible is (somewhat) culturally conditioned

Tim Keller (and others) get interviewed as a part of the promo machinery for the 2006 Desiring God national conference. Video below is Keller addressing how the Bible and culture interplay, an under-played issue in most churches. [ht: emergesque; I posted my favorites to youtube with permission; also see Keller on Scripture as Foundation]

Regular readers here know I’m keenly interested in Asian American church issues, but I’m not exclusively limited to that. (I’m not all that comfortable in thinking of myself as a typical Asian American Christian anyways, and so I’m graciously declining the tag from Enoch to add to the APA parenting meme.) I want to see more church leaders engage on the critical concerns of how Christian faith and cultures interplay, particularly in a multicultural global context. So much of our theology has been handed down to us through a Eurocentric Western cultural lens that this confines our spirituality to a moralistic and ritualistic Christianity, instead of a vibrant faith that propels us missionally, culturally astute, and intentional on ethnic identity formation, among other things.

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  1. Shu says:

    Hey DJ, thanks for the comments in my blog recently… I have come across your site a few times and I have utilized a lot of your web resources to learn more in the emerging conversation (especially in terms of being an asian christian). I also TOTALLY agree that we need to move past the “asian” label for the asian church but I find it extremely difficult in the context I live in. My brother Yu-Ling (who has also posted a comment here = has been quite interested in the same things, especially the transformation of the chinese church into something more biblically modeled (i.e. past the asian church into a multi-ethnic, missional church).

    I find even while being in a multi-cultural country such as Canada and one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the WORLD, Toronto, there’s still so many problems in just taking baby steps in the right direction. Hopefully we can continue dialoguing in our own unique situations…

    God bless ya,

  2. Hi! Surfed in from Enoch Choi’s site. I’m the co-author of the APA Parenting Meme, and I’m posting the link to my original post (with the original introduction/explanation) here:
    I hope that explains a bit about what we were thinking and what we were looking for–btw, we were trying to be as inclusive as possible re: the Asian Pacific American parenting experience, and we didn’t even mention religion at all, so maybe your assumption that it had something to do with “mainstream AsAm Christians” came from somewhere else? Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

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