the 12-hour round trip

David and I (aka Kumar and Harold) drove up and back to the ECBC conference, 5 hours up amidst torrential downpour, and 7 hours back with 3 highway congestions to slow us down. I met three of my virtual friends for the first time: David, Peter, and Glennis.

And we did manage to find an elusive White Castle on the return leg. David’s now on a plane back to Atlanta right now as I blog. He is the only person I know who owns a Blackberry but doesn’t have email. We are both very, very tired, so blogging about our adventure will come later this week. We recorded several podcasts over the weekend and I trust David’s adept editing skills will make those available in the coming week or so.

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  1. David Park says:

    Hey DJ (or Harold?),
    Just arrived home. Thanks for a great weekend! I am very tired, but really enjoyed the great conversation and the chance to meet some wonderful people this weekend. It was a joy to see some of the nuances between Chinese-American vs. Korean-American worship and fellowship (no ADD, my n is sufficient now, my theory debunked). In any case, I will get those conversations up sometime soon and look forward to seeing if we can keep up the dialogue. Thanks again for your encouragement and including me on the trip.
    Say ‘thank you’ again for me to your wife and son.

  2. peter ong says:

    DJ, Thanks for making ECBC so memorable and finally being able to see you and the Hawaiian shirt in real time and not on google video or skypecast. i am really blessed by your leadership, vision and your heart. I especially enjoyed our conversation on Saturday night when you shared your journey with me. I have learned a great deal from you in the short time we have spoken.

  3. Terry says:

    You make me want to drive to NJ just to get a White Castle.