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[update 4/2013] Flamingo Road Church is now Potential Church and their internet campus is now at, and wetoku is gone and so is this video

Talked with Ileana Ortiz from Flamingo Road Church via wetoku. You probably know her better as @countrycuban — that’s how I best know her too. She is the new Director of Online Community and works with the Internet Campus of Flamingo Road Church. As you’ll see and hear when you watch the video interview, @countrycuban has a lot of energy and passion for connecting with people using social media on the interwebs. (aside: Not sure who coined the term interwebs, but I’m beginning to hear it used more and more.)

Thrilled to hear of @countrycuban‘s new job and how they’re fearlessly trying all kinds of things to help people reach their potential. To join in on Flamingo Road Church’s new stereo sound, go to this weekend !

Do you have any questions for @countrycuban ? Add a comment below and I’ll make sure she stops by to answer.

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16 Responses

  1. LeadHership says:

    you two are wayyyyyyy out of my league. I only WISH I could come up w/ an intelligent web-comment! 🙂
    But Ilena's great and I'm grateful that she is part of the Flamingo fam. It's cool that she's using her gifts to reach her God-potential and helping others reach theirs too.

  2. Jason Curlee says:

    Way cool @countrycuban great interview

  3. Heredes says:

    @countryCuban rocks ! not too sure about that jersey though .. 🙂

    [email protected]