talk ethnicity and church this Sunday 9/2 night

I know it’s Labor Day weekend. I’m scrambling for something fun for the family to close out the summer, even tho’ the weather here in the OC won’t actually change at all. Maybe a Saturday Fun Roll or Greek Festival or the Orange Intl Street Fair, who knows, but no road trips away.

For 60 minutes, join as we talk over Skype about this burning question: “What role could / should / does ethnicity play in the Asian American church?” This isn’t like Cramer’s Lightning Round or Rush’s Open Line Friday or Hannity’s Insanity to Trash the Lines. We’ll have a moderated conversation where everyone participates, and who knows, it may just get a bit lively and exciting.

[update 9/04] Skypecast didn’t work, so we improvised and used a free conference call service and brought 4 of us together (David Park, Josh Deng, Joshua Settles, and myself) for an hour discussion. Listen to it below or download the MP3 (27 MB) — it took me a bit of rambling to get the conversation rolling, and it gets good towards the 2nd half.

Use the free software Skype to join the skypecast on Sun 9/2 at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific. [update] Skypecast isn’t working; we’re using a free conference call — dial-in to 218-486-1300, conference bridge # is 890537 (long distance charges may apply, or use SkypeOut, or better, use your free weekend minutes on your cell phone).

Here’s 4 sound-bite kindlings to get your mind revved up::

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