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Two for Tuesday is free webinars

Next Tuesday, June 29th, I’ll be a part of 2 free webinars! Join me for the one that fits your schedule better. At 8:30am Pacific / 11:30am Eastern, it’s the M2LIVE webinar on How to Champion Web Ministry in Your Church. This...

an old friend invading my new media world

Caught up with a friend I’ve known for 15 years and she’s recently getting (really) into social media. Imei Hsu is starting up a couple of new things up there in Seattle, and she shares about them with you and me on...

Why do I blog?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxYKJ8lbFFk] Yes, ironically, I made a video to talk about blogging instead of writing or blogging about it. 🙂