When labels like introvert and extrovert don’t work 5

Earlier this week, I put an anonymous poll out to my peeps, with this simple question: “For those who know me from offline or online, how much of a people person am I?” I don’t think of myself as the consummate people person, whatever that means. I confess that my […]

which tie should I wear? 10

I’ve got a company Christmas party to attend tonight. Which tie should I wear? which tie should I wear tonight? ( polls) I’ll wear the one that wins this poll, based on results at 5:00pm Central. Background info: Company is a Christian non-profit ministry about to turn 25 years old. […]

who do you think is older? 4

Talked with Dave Ingland yesterday (for the first time) as I was driving to DFW airport in stop-and-go rush-hour traffic. The phone call made for a good companion all the way to the rental car center, and we did some shop talk about church life, decision making, and dreaming of […]