competition is such a turn off 3

Some people love competition, whether it’s getting motivation to win because they can beat someone else or because it raises their level of performance towards excellence and the best they can be. With the popularity of sports, sure there are lots of people who like competition. Of course, I like […]

Why be thankful 2

Today is Thanksgiving 2009 and we all have so very much to be thankful for. There are cliche’s like “counting your blessings” and having an “attitude of gratitude.” And those are good things. And there are even better things. My journey of finding a more vibrant and thriving life is […]

When labels like introvert and extrovert don’t work 5

Earlier this week, I put an anonymous poll out to my peeps, with this simple question: “For those who know me from offline or online, how much of a people person am I?” I don’t think of myself as the consummate people person, whatever that means. I confess that my […]