Where is God when good people hurt?

Very privileged to get a tremendous opportunity last month to speak during a Sunday worship service at an ethnic Chinese church in Austin, Texas. The message was very well received, I think. The sermon was translated live side-by-side, phrase-by-phrase, from English to Mandarin Chinese, and that was followed by like […]

learning about bipolar disorder

I’m learning about bipolar disorder, a mental chemical imbalance affecting around 2 million Americans, and with a wide variation of how it affects people.. I’ve been intentional (or proactive) in pacing myself better in the use of my time and my nutrition and my work.. I’m also learning how to […]

started on new medication

Yesterday I started on new medication, and my thinking and feeling are considerably normal now. It’s good to be back. Perhaps I’ll describe the medical terminology in a future entry. The social stigma of mental illnesses can be too much to bear for some readers. _Excerpt_: Culturally, most Chinese tend […]