What is an Asian American Christian? 20

The face of American Christianity is not only black (African-American) and white (Anglo), even though that’s what we tend to see through both Christian and mainstream media. With the sudden popularity of professional basketball player Jeremy Lin, who is unapologetically Christian and Asian American, we now have a face for […]

why bloggers need a business card 3 (John “human3rror” Saddington) is holding a “I’m a Blogger and I Need a Business Card!” content. Deadline for submission to the random drawing is January 18th, this Sunday. I’m not sure if I’m already disqualified since I already have a business card. Hope not. Why bloggers need a business […]

To be American you need to have religion

Here in a symposium on religious faiths, affiliations, and ethnicities. Fascinating talk just began w/ Russell Jeung. He made a provocative statement as I started blogging– “To be American, you need to have a religious identity.” “And, Asian Americans are the most unaffiliated religiously.” I did wire up Russell with […]