Where to get 酸梅汤 Sour Plum Drink #suanmeitang

A wonderfully delicious Chinese beverage known as Suanmeitang 酸梅湯, aka Sour Plum Drink, is traditionally popular in parts of China and Taiwan, and you’d think it’d be available somewhere in popular Chinese areas here in the OC (Orange County, California). Since I don’t read Chinese characters, it hasn’t been easy to find […]

dulce de leche 2 days late

At 9:27am this morning, I ordered my first grande dulce de leche latte at Starbucks. The drink debuted on April 3rd, and took 18 months to development. It is delicious! This drink you have to imbibe with the plastic cap off, to get the full texture of the whipped cream […]