Surratt leads off

Greg Surratt leads off with the first plenary session at the Coast-to-Coast multi-site conference. The Surratt brothers have a whole family in ministry deal, with Geoff and Chris doing good things too there in South Carolina. Found out Seacoast is now doing an internet campus (beta) now too, in addition to their 13 campuses. Best sub-point of his talk: make failure an option in your planning. Best quote: “Winners don’t find successors – they create them.” (Noel Tichy). Oh, American Idol candidate Chris Sligh leads worship at Seacoast Greenville.

Chris Sligh

Handful of other bloggers are here: Eric Swanson, Stephen Shields, Jason Mitchell, Todd Rhoades, Shawn Wood, Noel Heikkinen… [I’ll add others as I meet ’em.] I’ve got an assignment to meetup with leaders with 3 churches, but with 700+ in attendance here, it’s a tall order since I wasn’t able to pre-arrange appointments. So I’m walking around reading name tags…

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  1. Reyes-Chow says:

    DJ, sounds like you are in your element. Look forward to reading more.

  2. Gene Kim says:

    recently started reading your blog. good stuff. will visit frequently.