surgery called off

Thanks for those of you who expressed concern about my scheduled foot surgery yesterday. It was called off when I visited with the doctors, scissors and knives on the counter next to us, as he looked at my foot, and saw improvement in the “growth” and offered a kinder and gentler solution to my problem. So I’m using a piece of Mediplast pad, filled with 40% salicylic acid, daily for the next 2 weeks, and then another doctor’s visit to make an assessment. No photos of my foot here (I know homelessguy blogged a photo of his foot). And my friend Judy was still kind enough to bring over dinner, after I fully disclosed that surgery was called off.

After writing my entry yesterday, I recalled another personal incident that I coulda shared about, but someone’s gotta draw the line somewhere about personal disclosure. I’ve drawn it fairly wide, and I’m told, wider than most Asians would. You would not believe what kind of personal life stuff I’d recently surfed onto via the addictive Blogspot “next blog” button. I won’t mention what it is, but I’ll only make a veiled allusion to it. And when they go that length of disclosure, it sorta makes one wonder if it’s embellished or fabricated.

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  1. Sivin says:

    Glad the “foot” matter is improving.

    On the matter of “disclosure” I think you’ve raised a very important point on drawing the line … at times, I find the temptations of being over-self-indulgent and/or just letting go … very real in blogging. But, somehow there’s this “restraint” thing tugging me, I think that’s as much as being human as one who seeks to be so called “open”

  2. rudy says:

    sorry to hear about your foot, deej

    i hope you get better very soon