super commercials?

While I’m not the big sports fan, as stereotypical of a significant portion of the male gender, I do occasionally catch a sports event in person or on TV.. today being Super Sunday, I tuned in promptly at 6pm, and anticipated the best in commercials, and having not sat at a TV for hours at a time, multitasked and blog surfed some..

now into the 4th quarter, the game’s pickin’ up, but there’s yet to be a commerical that’s caught me saying “wow” b/c of its creativity and innovation.. bummed.. yes, the game is going down to the wire, heightened momentum, all of that, but I’m throwing in and going to bed.. pray for Brian as he speaks at my seminary alma mater tomorrow (Monday 2/2 @ DTS).. should be an interesting presentation + reaction, to say the least..

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  1. enoch says:

    the chens did the same, threw in the towel, and came over for bbq pork loin. prayers are goin’ up for your pal brian…

  2. jen lemen says:

    talked to grace this morning; she said brian said his reception so far has been incredibly warm. today he speaks all day…we’ll see how it goes after that!

  3. Dan says:

    Sorry about this off-topic post. I haven’t really found your email address. Just wondering if you’d consider offering a full article RSS feed instead of just having the summary?


  4. Jimmy says:

    DJ: the conference was great and Bryan seemed to be pretty well received by all. A little squirming here and there. And I’m sure not all were convinced by his presentation, but the spirit was generally good, it seemed to me. It was a blessing for me to be present. Blogged a little about it for fun and humor.