Sunday conference call on intergenerational Asian church

Tomorrow evening is Sunday, March 4th. At 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific, I’m planning to be on the Next Gener.Asian Church monthly conference call. The topic: Generational Issues in Asian American Churches. You’re invited to dial in and join the call (hint: use your free weekend cell phone minutes):
Dial-in Number: 1-605-725-1900 (South Dakota)
Participant Access Code: 13712

To prep for the call, read more details about the 6 hat process for the discussion, and read the Kingdom Dreamers: A New Paradigm for Inter-Generational Ministry (PDF) about Sarang Church (Anaheim, CA), which was featured as one of 2006’s fastest growing churches in the United States. Or, just dive in cold.

[update 3/6/07] This conference call was recorded by David Park (my attempt at recording it came out flat-lined due to a technical glitch) and we had 4 on the call: David Park, DJ Chuang, Joshua Settles, and John Lamb. Listen in here:

Maybe the call will stay on topic, or the hot topic of the week might upend it if certain people show up on this open call. 2 public apologies this week by Asian Week and Youth Specialties’ President have re-raised the ugly head of racism and Asian Americans. Both intentional and unintentional racism stink. Ignorance is not the worst offender, disinterest and apathy is far more insidious. Lee Huang rightly observes:

I think this is why people gravitate so easily to racial stereotypes. Let me explain. For most people, life is complicated enough in their
own little world. … But race in America is much, much more complex than black-white. … Let’s further mix it up by stating the obvious: there is no homogenous white, black, Asian, or Latino experience. … Only most people don’t want to take the time to understand and appreciate the nuances. Life’s
complicated enough – why introduce such complexity? So we stereotype … It’s a crying shame that if you walk into any sort of ethnic studies
classroom on any college campus in America, it is likely that you will find that the high majority of the students in that classroom will be of the same ethnicity as the subject matter of the class. And it’s a crying shame that that same disinterest in the historical and cultural experiences of others different from us is generally true of the American populace.

Read his full post here.

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  1. Wayne Park says:

    Thanks for your post, it was an encouragment to read. Monday has come around and I’m back in the office, so we’re hanging in there.. great site and posts, great to network with you. My thoughts on “intentional and unintentional racism” – frustrating. I’m an adult and I still get childish racist remarks. We have a conference where we try to intentionally mobilize from ethnic minorities into the mission field. Arguably the best missionary today won’t be white or Euro, but Asian, Hispanic, African and so on.

  2. djchuang says:

    Wayne, good to hear of your efforts there at Quest and the upcoming Reach Retreat.. yes, non-Anglos have a unique asset and opportunity to make global impact differently from Anglos, and it’d be so good to see more of that activity happen!