sufferin’ succotash

[for those of you keeping score at home- I just got an email from #6 reader of this journal]

i feel overwhelmed and surrounded by task-oriented automaton machines of people.. all around me, growing up, and in most of life, the people that i’ve been put in the midst of, are for the most part tasky people.. and my emotive reaction is feeling suffocated.. surrounded.. disconnected.. breath taken out of me.. perhaps i’ve tipped my hand in saying this, but i’m a relational people-oriented person.. a social being that we were created to be.. now at times in my life, i’ve been misunderstood and misreacted as a tasky person (ugh!) when in fact and substance i’m for the people.. have you seen those personality tasks, the one that maps people vs. task? i may be rare in this, but i was square in the middle of that chart- both people and task! so i think for me to feel connected, both elements have got to be there.. and there is a hard place to find.. i’m fighting to resist emotional shutdown that this suffocation tempts me towards.. and recently got language for this phenomena- that in the young adult phase of life, a person wrestles with whether to move towards intimacy or isolation.. and my closing thought winds up here- that all people are inherently social but many choose to express their socialness through tasks

here’s an actual snip from my friend’s email: According to Erik Erickson’s stages of development, the key crisis for people 22-34 is “intimacy vs. isolation.”

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