streaming video news on demand

Create your own newscast — watching the mainstream media news on my own schedule is what the Web is supposed to enable.

Most of the major networks have (selected) news video online, but 2 stand out above the rest for me. CBS News (MSIE and Firefox browsers friendly) and NBC / MSNBC News (MSIE only). News on demand is one thing, getting to queue them up in a playlist is a way better experience. (CNN wants you to subscribe to their CNN Pipeline, but I don’t know if that has playlists.)

How I watch news videos online is to browse the directory of videos, select the ones I (kinda) want to watch, and then let them roll in the background while I do lunch or surf the web. This is much better than clicking on one video at a time.

Virginia Tech - Anatomy of a Rampage Maybe the other networks (CNN, ABC, FOX) will improve their video play to queue up playlists. To contrast, YouTube has playlists that Tubers can compile, but it doesn’t (yet?) have playlists that viewers can select and queue up on the fly.

How do you watch video news online?

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  1. Tom S. says:

    I’ve viewed videos on the NBC/MSNBC and ABC news sites, though I’ve never used, or was even aware of the playlist features. My annoyance with these sites is that they make you watch full commercials before and while watching a series of videos. I prefer Google’s one-click advertising strategy which isn’t so obtrusive.

  2. djchuang says:

    Having ads is on par for television viewing, so I’m not so bothered by commercials on web-based video segments. So what I like with playlists is that I can make the selections up front, let the commercials run by (while I’m multitasking, of course), and then watch more closely when something streams by that catches my attention, just like television. 🙂