State of Church Planting in the USA

From the Leadership Network Learnings blog::

Have you ever wondered what are the most contributing factors for the survivability of a new church start? Or, do you wonder why some new churches seem to have faster and more significant growth than others. What are some of the best practices that are occurring in the area of church planting?

Leadership Network has just released a comprehensive study of the state of church planting within the United States that answers the above questions and more. This study, headed by Ed Stetzer, the director of research at Lifeway Christian Resources, was based on personal interviews of denominational leaders, church planting churches, and church planting networks. This is not only a must-read for anyone involved in church planting, but also for anyone involved in growing a church. This information has the potential to help churches and organizations to start stronger churches and increase the momentum for a church planting movement with the USA.

The research can be downloaded free at A 25-minute podcast interview of Dave Travis and Ed Stetzer is also available as a free download at for the Researcher’s Commentary on State of Church Planting USA.

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