spring was washed out

having endured yet another rainy morning, tho? it cleared up nicely by late afternoon, we?ve had so much rain here in DC that Spring was washed away, and tomorrow inaugurates Summer 2003.. caught up with 2 ol? friends this week, good conversations, yet I find myself saying that this year has been largely routine, not as exciting as past years with things happening.. but this also includes my getting off of mind-altering medication, so I?m actually taking better care of myself in this routinely lifestyle, and overall doing well.. it doesn?t make for dramatic storytelling, and as much as I love watching stand-up comedians do their thing (saw Seinfeld?s documovie Comedian this week, loved it), I can?t do the delivery, work the crowd, and all that.. have to play with the cards I?m dealt. It?s a good hand, really, and I?m accepting it more and more, and God?s grace and his utter acceptance of me is working down to the core of my soul, with contributions from Tim Keller?s teachings.. I loved how he made the outrageous statement that ?the Bible is not mainly about giving us good examples of people who lived faithfully? (!!) [I?ll get exact wording off the tape + re-edit here] now that?s a comment you don?t hear from most pulpits..

for those of technically included, on the computer migration front, I?ve had to resort to FTP to transfer files from old PC to new PC.. great FTP software called Serv-U allows 30 days trial and free for personal use.. not as fast as file copy via Network Neighborhood, but sure beats CD burning or floppy swapping.. [so if you too hit a wall trying to get XP to talk to 98 over ethernet, this is a good migration technique.. I?ve re-run XP?s Network Setup twice, and still no neighborly connection..] ? and, this is my first entry using the new Blogger Pro..

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