spontaneous trip to New York City?

Booked 2 seats on Vamoose Bus to make a last-minute weekend trip with my son to NYC (New York City), leaving 5:30pm today. If I make it, I make it. Cancelled the bus, cancelled the trip. Had a little snag with hotel arrangement, and Accuweather called for very windy, cold and wet weekend with RealFeel temperature of 6? F in the evenings. Let’s call it a postponed trip when the weather is warmer.

The kind of things I do with “disposable” income is not vacationing, it’s conference-hoping (and Starbucking). I’ll drop-in at the IAM “Artists as Reconcilers” conference and “Reconciliation” Juried Art Exhibition, where one of the pieces on display is by Rachelle Woo Chuang, who is already there having a good time.

[update: since I’m not gallivanting around for good eats, sights, and sounds in the frigid cold of the city, I’ve trimmed my bloglines subscriptions to 300, down from 1000, and identified some focused themes for my blogs: xanga and livejournal are mirrors of djchuang.com, voxtropolis will be for my commentary on my flickr photos, and my Yahoo 360 blog is DJ Chuang 360:: a more vulnerable, transparent, and personal voice; and, I’ve SuprGlu‘d all of these together for 1-click viewing]

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  1. hehmin says:

    ack…next time let us know if you want to stay with us! 🙂

  2. tim says:

    what, no MySpace? 🙂 haha…