spiritual metrix

How is it even possible to measure spiritual maturity? If the work of the Spirit is inside the heart and soul of a person, and each has its own journey, what kind of an external metrix can provide any reliable sense of who is mature and who is not? I’m of the persuasion that it’s got to be in the context of relationship, and how well a person loves others, particularly those who are drastically different than oneself, that one gets a better sense of spiritual maturity overflowing from a person; after all, that’s what the Great Commandment is, that one loves their neighbor well.. nevertheless, one church in Texas put together a list of 30 core competencies as a spiritual maturity metrix.. then again, too few churches use any good metrix to discern spiritual maturity, and instead give leadership positions to political power players or nice-guys with no relational impact (translation: thus, no lasting spiritual impact)

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  1. Ben Arment says:

    My dilemma too, DJ. The minute you start measuring spiritual growth with a checklist, you’re playing God. Then again, we “stewards” of the church have to protect it somehow. It’s more for the benefit of leadership I believe…?