spinnin’ round

had a whole entry typed out here using my new Palm Tungsten C, but its built-in WiFi disconnected.. its behavior has been intermittent, not sure if it’s my home wireless router or its conserve power feature or what.. upgraded to the T/C from my Zire 71, as it’s in transit of being thrice replaced (and will eBay it upon its return).. just got it last night from FedEx b/c they wouldn’t deliver it without signature, and I’m road-warrioring in San Diego starting Wednesday (through Sunday).. as I was nearing my destination last night, after some lighter drizzling rain, during my turn left from Norbeck onto E Gude (Rockville), my car fishtails counter-clockwise, and I’m spinning out of control, couldn’t brake and couldn’t steer, so rode it out.. and by God’s grace (or sheer luck, if that’s your theology, or lack thereof) I didn’t hit anything or anyone, just stopped right in the middle of the road, completely 180 degrees turned around(!) did a K-turn to right myself, and got my package, charged it up last night, and during my intermittent sleep pattern of the past few days,

recalled the car accidents I had gotten myself into in my adult life.. most of them (3 out of 4) were in turns.. the one that just happened, and previous to that was 1993 in Dallas, on a dry road, at an intersection where I was too tired from a day of driving as a courier, and eased out into an intersection, forgetting to look both ways, and got sideswiped on the driver’s side by an innocent driver.. I quit my courier job that week, after a 6-month run. In Fall of 1988, in my first new car (’88 Mercury Topaz) when I took a L-turn too fast leaving church one night, and wound up in the road-side ditch.. car must’ve been no more than 2 months old, and I ruined the rear axle, never drove the same. Around 1982, my first car accident was in my Dad’s bright yellow Dodge Dart, on a lightly wet road, I’m following a friend, and going into an intersection taking the right fork, I accelerate into the turn, and swerved slightly out of control to the right curb, and ruined the front axle.. wet roads and turns don’t do mix with me.

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