spent half a day waiting

spent half a day waiting for the cable guy to arrive, and two of them did at the end of the window of time (doesn’t it usually happen that way?), and now I’m [finally] online with high-speed internet via cable(!).. yeah, you’d think a guy like me with a dot-com and all this content would not be using a dial-up, but believe-it-or-not, the past 2 years, I’ve done my online stuff with a less-than-ideal performing 56K modem, even tho’ I use higher speed connections at work and at the public library.. that’s okay, I can slow down occasionally..

I opened up my one year Bible reader this morning, it is the Living Bible translation, makes it easier reading.. i find it hard to sit down to read these days, most of my informational input is either on the computer screen or via audio (tape, CD, or streaming audio).. so much of Christian spirituality, particularly since the enlightenment & printing press, has been based on Bible reading and literacy, yet prior to that, it would have had to be based on spiritual disciplines other than reading, and i’m thinking to myself, in a post-text image-driven society, would it not make sense that we not be confined to Bible reading for spirituality? I believe my spirit has kept pace via audio and dialogue more than solitude reading. Is that okay God?

found a new site I hope to pay homage more often, by Martin Roth, who writes about the rise of Christian blogging .. glad to hear I’m not alone in sharing my thoughts (tho’ I may be among a few in my pensivity).. tho’ more recently my thoughts haven’t been so heavy and deep all the time.. depth ratio might be averaging around 50% now a days..

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