speaking gig

I took a speaking gig for a summer camp set for the end of July. Rarely do I do that, between 2 jobs and more (2 hour plus commute, single-parenting during weekdays), plus being out of practice and feelin’ a bit rusty.

Now I’m discovering that my blog reading audience is largely different than those who’d intersect my professional positions, I may take a little more liberty divulging some other things going on outside of the jobs arena. Seeing bloggers who blog about their jobs getting fired left and right is not inviting for me to breach that arena.

So, I’ll be serving up 5 messages over 2.5 days for a summer youth camp in Austin, Texas. The guy who made the invite (over IM at that) is very prepared, way ahead of the game. Impressive. Theme will be “extreme makeover.” At this moment, I’m thinking of picking up a few profiles of people who’ve been dramatically changed by God. Some that are competing for the few spots: Saul/Paul, Job?, Solomon?, the woman in Luke 7, Jacob/Israel…

I also hope to work my sched out to make my pilgrimage to Liquid (the oddsmaker have put it at 75% probability they’ll do a scaled-back Liquid that weekend).

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  1. where in austin? maybe i could drive out to their camp and listen and meet ya in july… if they wouldn’t mind, send me the details 😉