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Whilest I hold an open posture for people to contact me, I make my email address prominently available to all, real people who want to dialogue, and robots that harvest emails for advertising (spamming) purposes. I get maybe spams at a rate of 50/day on my emailbox, 100/day on my emailbox, and 200/day on my emailbox — which I don’t even advertise or use at all. What does that say about hotmail?

To prevent viruses from infecting my computer and propagating to others, I currently use the Norton AntiVirus utility, and to filter out many spam emails, I’m currently using MailWasher (shareware), and have tried out 2 freeware ones: Spamihilator and SpamPal.

Both Spamihilator and SpamPal setup a local proxy and figures out which emails are spam according to their respective algorithms. Spamihilator is smart about learning what’s spam vs. what’s not spam, and incorporates a Bayesian filter that calculates a Spam-probability score for each email. Nice program, but I don’t like the way it downloads everything off the mail server [b/c I check my email from multiple computers]. SpamPal uses public blocking lists, and when I tried it out using default settings, it took like 30 seconds per email for it to check whether an email was spam or not – very slow; and it was blocking emails based on originating IP server, which ended up blocking out all my legitimate emails simply b/c some mail servers are used for sending out both legit emails and spam emails. Don’t like that.

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2 Responses

  1. I’ve used Mailwasher for about a year now. (Got it when it was freeware, but did “donate” as I always do when I find a program useful) I love it! It has saved me from many a virus!

  2. timsamoff says:

    Thank you, DJ! Spamihilator is wonderful! I was using SpamBuster, but that is a lot like MailWasher and I much prefer everything happening from Outlook.