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I’ve started listening (picked up where I last left off) to the audio book version of Emotional Intelligence.. and via a rather circuitous route, I think I’ve developed notable emotional capacity in more areas than I thought I had, over the course of my adult years, and it’s probably due to the open posture I have to receiving feedback and to learning, that helps this along.. so some of it was very reassuring, and it tells me that I have more to offer this world than I thought I had.. I don’t particularly agree with the part where the author said that the human body was not designed to run at the pace of absorbing so much information, and going at the pace it goes at in today’s society.. (to be fair, for me to slow down is risky for me, b/c of my past experience in having time on my hand and seeing where my emotions take me negatively, a la a dark depressing spiral).. so to heed the expert’s observation, I made sure I stayed offline during worship service today, even though I brought in my laptop, and knew there was free WiFi for me to wire up and multitask.. but the good pastor still got in my blog fix, quoting a blogger’s entry from a while back as a part of his talk.

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  1. cheryl glenn says:

    hey dj! just wanted to let you now that my blog is now at a new address:

    hope all is well up there maryland. i check back here often and looks like you’re doing well. travelling lots. but, that’s not always a bad thing. i’m enjoying your new format.

    take care.