Southern (California) Hospitality

You know they’re a good friend when you can invite yourself to dinner at their home with less than an hour’s notice. And to get to do this two nights in a row was quite the treat (and very helpful to stave off the temptations of an average red-blooded male.)

The soft conscience in me does prompts me to not arrive empty-handed, so I brought desserts: Beard Papa cream puffs and H

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  1. MaxT says:

    Rudy’s home is truly a safe port for many a traveler! I know he has rescued me several times from the ‘traveler’s blues’ – and food is always a part of the experience… as well as that STRONG cup of coffee in the morning. Back in the old days, Rudy’s house was one of the first Wi-Fi hot spots in Pasa (git-down) Dena, California! Everyone would just come in, plop down on the couch and grabbed a laptop