ALL South Korean hostages are now released!

Good news, hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!

[update 8/30/07 15:56:02 GMT] According to Reuters, witnesses have confirmed Afghan Taliban free 4 more Korean hostages and TALIBAN FREE THE THREE REMAINING KOREAN HOSTAGES IN AFGHANISTAN! AP wire reports Final South Korean Hostages Freed.

[8/29/07] 12 South Korean hostages have been released! 41 days of captivity. Sigh. This excerpt from CNN, quoting the AP wire:

Taliban militants have released 12 out of 19 South Korean hostages held in captivity in Afghanistan for more than a month.

The hostages were released into the care of officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross at three separate locations in central Afghanistan close to the city of Ghazni, according to The Associated Press .

The first group of three women were released in the village of Qala-e-Kazi. Several hours later, four women and one man were released in a desert close to Shah Baz. As dusk approached, four more hostages were freed on a main road around 31 miles from Ghazni.

Go right to the source and check the AP wire for the latest >>

According to this video, all the hostages will be released in the next 2 to 3 days. Also see this video from AP about the 12 hostages’ release.

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