armchair theoblogian? yeah, that’d be me.. discovered that my blogroll to the right is of more interest than what’s here in the center column ;(

Now, time to go to the airport, and to Indianapolis for 8 nights & 9 days, see what I’m doing there.. gonna miss the 4th with the fam.

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  1. soupablogger says:

    LOL! I feel like I’ve arrived! your center column rocks as well. i had no idea you were former DTS; as a texan, we of course have lots of y’all. 😉 If cedar ridge is your home base, maybe you know my bud betsy the knitting queen? (aka director of liturgical Arts)if so pls tell her hi-ya. thanks for including me on your right-hand-column. come back & read soupablog again!

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