Some people want to know

On the assumption that the Internet (the blogosphere anyways) can be a great place to get answers to elusive questions, here’s 2 questions that some people I know what to get answers to:

[1] Is there a website (web app) that charts out who owns what company? I’d imagine it’d be quite a network of people and companies. It’s my understanding that Wendy’s owns Baja Fresh, McDonald’s (partly?) owns Chipotle, Pepsi owns KFC + Taco Bell + Pizza Hut. Wonder what Mexican chain is up for grabs by Burger King? eBay partly owns Craigslist. Gap and Old Navy and Banana Republic are all under one corporation. Et al, et nauseum.

[2] Is there anyone who believe in absolute truth and are an active part of the emerging church conversation? Can I see a raise of hands? According to tallskinnykiwi,

Regarding the accusation that emerging church people do not believe in truth or moral absolutes and that they tolerate everything, my response is this . . .
1. That is not true.
2. That is not right.
3. I will not tolerate it.
4. Because of answers 1-3, either Carson’s description of someone in the emerging church is not correct, or I am not a part of the emerging church.

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No Responses

  1. I have used to find out about corporations I try to sell to. I am sure that there are other tools too. To really get the information you want though, these tools costs $$$

  2. andrew jones says:

    sounds absolutely true to me – do you see my hand?

  3. will says:

    1. – it would take some work to get the kind of answers you wanted but they are all in there. Maybe combine that with daily reading from the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal.

    2. Define “emerging church”. And I am not just saying that to be snarky. It seems to me that within the emerging church there are people all along the spectrum, all of whom have various notions of what the words “truth” or “moral absolutes” might mean.

  4. djchuang says:

    I see that hand! Thank you! “All heads are bowed and every eye closed. Is there anyone else?”

  5. Opie says:

    I am glad to hear someone from the emerging church movement say they do believe in absolute truth. I was beginning to wonder, and it is reassuring to read your statement.

  6. susie says:

    we could skirt the issue and be like the mormons… believing in “absolute truth as long as it is translated correctly” which for all intense purposes, means in house! ( i can say this as i was raised in the mormon church..first hand knowledge) but then i think about how many conservative christian churches that i have encountered or been involved with that seem to be saying the same thing: “absolute truth is our truth!” how relativistic is that…

    As i recall, Jesus said “I am the Truth” so that should clear things up…
    …my hand is raised and i am definitely emerging…(whether or not that makes me part of the “emergent church people” well, i guess i need to find out how to get a membership card…(read very tongue in cheek;)

    seemsto me, that we are either back at the translation and commentary arguement: who has authority in exegesis, what hermeneutic is being used to interpret the text, and who gets to decide these questions, or we agree that as we read and interpret we keep ever before us that we must enter into relational Truth that is Emmanuel.

  7. TQWcS says:

    The emergent church is a bunch of postmodern hogwash. Go to for a good entry about it.

  8. Opie says:

    I don’t like calling a Christian movement “hogwash.” At the urging of my pastor, I have been learning about the “emergent church” and post-modernism lately, and while I have serious misgivings about aspects of it, and think there are some issues it is going to have to face up to, I don’t think it does any good for Christians to use that kind of language with each other.

  9. TQWcS says:

    It may be related to Christianity by history but I would argue that it is not Christianity the way the bible teaches it. If you wish to debate this feel free to email me at [email protected] or IM me at TQWcS .