somber and sober

One of my blog readers has now passed on, due to a freak accident. Kyle Lake, pastor of University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, had emailed a few weeks ago about his new book, (Re)understanding Prayer, and I was going to read it after these crazy few weeks pass (with my overdrive attempt at event planning while away on business in Dallas right now) b/c I sure could use help with some semblence of a prayer life. Now, I’ll never get to meet him in person, and he’s leaving behind a young family. I can’t imagine what would happen if a freak accident hit me, and what kind of impression or legacy I’d leave. [ht: Dan Kimball]

[update 11/01] and tons of sympathies are going out to the Lake and UBC families out on the blogosphere

[update 11/03] Prayed with some friends while in Dallas, for the Lake family and their church; even Drudge Report linked to this tragic news; found some heartful reflections by el mol, Brian McLaren, Chris Seay (who startedup UBC Waco), InternetMonk: Laughter in the waters of death, and UBC Waco – holder page provides audio to funeral service for Kyle Lake, has verbatim excerpt from his last sermon, and info to express love via donation and sharing loving memories; CT acknowledges the tragedy and reprints excerpt: Does Electrocution Happen for a Reason? What young church leader Kyle Lake might have said about his own death.

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  1. Anthony says:


    did bro. kyle have a blog? prayers and thoughts go out to his family and church.

  2. el mol says:

    kyle was a tremendous person. I miss him every day when I look at my cell phone.

    dj, I see you in blog world all over, first time to your blog. very nice . . .