sobering + ready to go

slowly getting settled into our new home, but it’s going to take a while.. contractors keep getting backlogged, and we’re our windows and kitchen cabinets have yet to be installed..

heard a sobering message at church on death (you don’t get to hear messages on death and hell too often, almost never) and how it gives perspective to what life is all about.. i’m writing here to put on record, that if I die unexpectedly or accidentally, that I’m ready to go.. to depart from this world of pain and sorrow and to be present with the Lord. I don’t say the thing that many people say, that they’re afraid of death or don’t want to die; now I do say that I don’t want to suffer the pain that is often involved with dying, but I don’t mind dying whenever that happens. I live and die and no regrets. I’ve done what I can to live a life pleasing to God, with good conscience, though far from being perfect. My desire is that my life will not only make a little difference, but that I might be able to change the world. A tall order, yes, but worth the effort.

Felt very affirmed yesterday at a seminar of a missions conference, where we discovered our Myer-Briggs personality type, very similar to the Keirsey type indicator on which I am mapped to an INTP, which is a very rare category, less than 1% of the population. Why I felt affirmed is the distinct personality allows me to be a strategist, often curious and seeking knowledge and wisdom, and that it’s not terribly odd to not people that are like me, because statistically there aren’t too many of ‘us’ out there! And as a strategist and linker, I have a vital role to play in whatever organization or wherever I’m at. If only the compensation and appreciation were up to measure..

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