snow, worship, dialogue

Here in metro DC, with over 12″ of the snow on the ground, and maybe 20″ or more before day’s end, it’s a great day to be web surfing and blogging. Of course it’d be even better skiing, but the roads are treacherous, even the interstate.. but we did get out early enough to hop onto the Metro and worship at the train station church, great music, great vision, enthusiastic people who look like they enjoy being there; they’re looking to launch an Arlington branch in September, God speed to them! On the drive back from the metro station, almost didn’t make it into my own street b/c of the snowbanks from the plowing on the main road. But determined to get inside so I could do my blog entry, spun my tires a few extra times, and made it half way up the driveway..

my profound thought of the weekend.. I’m in the middle of no mans land, b/c I do like deep thoughtful and/or personal conversations, perhaps more of a philosophical or psychological bent (which I’d call personal), I don’t do the small talk stuff well with the average joe I meet at social occasions, and then I don’t do well with the high-powered conversations amongst those who talk among academia. The latter group do have the capacity to engage at very thoughtful levels, tho’ usually not personal; and the former don’t readily exhibit the capacity to do neither thoughtful or personal. Occasionally I do find a virtual dialogue on the internet, from those who find my web site or blog, and we have some great exchanges.. and those do thrill my soul. One of those conversations about the meaning of the atonement, now with transcript online. New theological categories may indeed be helpful for how people process God-truths.

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