slightly sunburnt

I’m back! A great vacation time in Hawaii, and I’m amazed to be awake here at 6:00am Eastern time, delusionally ready for a week at work already. I spent the weekend in flight from Honolulu back to Los Angeles (Saturday) and from Long Beach to metro Washington DC (Sunday). 6 hours time difference between Hawaii and DC. Enjoyable time with my wife and son, and I am slightly sunburnt on my chest from napping by hotel poolside without sunscreen. (I had sunscreen on for all the other times I was out in the hot Hawaiian sun..)

I won’t bore you with my vacation details. I feel like a travel newbie when it comes to vacation. Most of my travel has been domestic and more conference-attending than personal leisure. In retrospect, I would’ve spent much more time over at to get a sense of what to do on vacation.

I thought I had posted a review of my pilgrimage to Leonard’s Bakery for some heavenly malasadas, but it apparently got lost in cyberspace? I had gotten an email confirmation thanking me for my review, but now I can’t find it. 🙁takes some time to appear. I wrote about how delicious the malasadas were, and I even got the June special Mango custard-filled malasadas!

[update] While I didn’t blog much about this vacation, I should have mentioned the best Japanese sushi buffet we ate at in Honolulu (Oahu) called MAKINO CHAYA. This restaurant doesn’t have a TripAdvisor entry yet, but it does get raves in its forum and has gotten great press here and here and here.

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    It’s all about the malasadas…. 🙂