slightly enhanced look

checking the logs, I see that there are a few of you faithfuls out there who read my entries here, so I thought I’d be nice and redecorate a little here, and hope you like the slightly enhanced look.. if you don’t notice anything different, that means you have a certain font and color scheme hard-coded into your browser, and I can’t do nothing about that 🙂 i’ve been under the weather the past week, I thought it was bronchitis, but the doctor (who I went to see on Friday) said it was a flu, and put me on these once-a-day antibiotics (usually I get the three-a-day’s), and it hasn’t been until tonight that i’m feeling better, and not as worn and tired as I’ve been all week.. not much pensivity in this entry; I did put in my absentee ballot in the mail on Thursday, b/c I will be at a conference Monday to Wednesday.. should be learning some good online tips there….

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