sleepus distruptus

Question >> You seem to be up to the wee hours of the morning often… are you a vampire? sleep during the day?

djchuang >> No, I’m not exactly a vampire, though I do have my share of mood swings and irratic sleep patterns occasionally. Less often than 3 years ago, I’m glad to say. About once or twice a week, my solid 8.5 hours of sleep is interrupted, and I’m lying half awake in bed. Rather than toss and turn to try to get back to sleep for the next hour, my idea is to get up and do something on the web, and then maybe I’ll get tired again, then go back to sleep. For a majority of this year, I’d been able to sleep through the night. But the past month or so, I’m finding my sleep interrupted. Perhaps it’s stress related (understatement of the month), and my recent edging towards burnout.

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