Six Apart and LiveJournal join forces

The rumors are true, Six Apart (makers of Typepad and MovableType) buys LiveJournal. Official press release, FAQs, LiveJournal’s initial comments, and initial rumor [the Internet exclusive].

One of my friends uses LiveJournal. I was disappointed to find out recently that search engines don’t pick up on LiveJournal blog posts, which tells me that LJ is great for blogging with a group of friends or small network, but it doesn’t get the word out to the Internet public. There’s a place for that, somewhat like Xanga, but I’m more of an open-community guy anyways, rather than closed-community.

And, my LiveJournal placeholder that I grabbed a few months ago.

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  1. nikkiana says:

    LiveJournal’s biggest strength is also it’s biggest weakness, I’m afraid. It’s a a relatively large small community, it’s got some great community features like friends lists, friends only posts, etc. However, once you’re on LJ it’s very easy to get stuck on LJ and never leave LJ ever. (And the same is true of Xanga). The community of LJ (or Xanga) hems users in, and a lot of them are unaware that there are blogs outside the community.

    For quite some time, I crossposted my entries by hand to both LiveJournal and Xanga from One of the things that I observed was I got a lot more comments on LJ and Xanga than I did on It frusterated me because I wanted the comments to be on so everyone could partake. Crossposting got to be such a hassle that I gave it up and directed users from LJ and Xanga to visit me at Some people did, but there were a lot of my readers who stopped reading me because my content was no longer on LJ or Xanga. Fortunately, awhile back, a plugin for WordPress was developed to allow you to crosspost to LiveJournal straight from the WordPress interface, and within the past month or so one has been developed for Xanga, so my posts are now back to being crossposted to LiveJournal and Xanga, I’ve shut off the commmenting systems for LiveJournal and Xanga, forcing people back to to comment, and the whole system seems to be working out really well and I don’t think I’ve gotten so many comments in my life.

    When Mena said:

    The funny thing is, you can have a weblog and a LiveJournal. The fact that some of the funniest and smartest people I know have both only reaffirms that we shouldn?t limit ourselves to one sort of publishing/communication mode.

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s only benefitted me to be a part of the LJ and Xanga communities.