since i’m up, i’ll drop

since i’m up, i’ll drop a line here.. heard a great metaphor about building a multicultural community (be it a church or some other types of organization).. there are those who are intentional about making it happen, by doing the homework and the hard work, and then those who have no interest in it (partly b/c of there being no personal benefit), and the few who are out-and-out racist.. it wouldn’t be fair to call those in the disinterested category passive racists, since it is natural for many people to flock to those who are like themselves.. and here i am, another exception that rule, b/c if i didn’t relate with those who are different than myself, i wouldn’t have any friends at all(!)…. oh, back to the metaphor- it’s the picture of a beach, with increasing depths of water, signifying degree of diversity.. and it is up to the top leader of the org to venture out into the deeper waters, while not neglecting to keep connected to the beachhead, so others can get into the water too.. there’s no such thing as multicultural community “just happening”- somebody is in the deep waters doing the hard work, and it only seems to happen without effort, b/c someone was fishing in deeper waters.. so i find myself being a deep water person, who’ll more than do the hard work, and do it in the open.. have to talk about the issues, have to grow in understanding and learn sensitivities.. transparency is critical too, right along with reconciliation.. we need more deep water swimmers.. let’s go into the deep..

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  1. ustillup says:

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