silent to celebration

it’s going to take me longer to adjust to Daylight savings time.. preferring to stay up an hour later than to get to bed at my normal time of 10pm… surfed around a buncha blogs, and you’d think there’d be some empathy for the celebration and jubilation for the Iraqi people who are rejoicing at their new found freedom, particularly a barrage of entries timestamped at the 11am hour (EDT).. but notably an absence of comments about the toppling statue or the dancing Iraqi-Americans in Dearborn MI or the banner telling human shields to go home.. of course, there is a whole can of worms opened up with looting, with hundreds of injured and dead, with uncertainties about the future, and those are good questions to ask.. but you’d think the celebrating and dancing of the Iraqi people would be a powerful statement that’d be better acknowledged / received..

[on a technical note, I’m in process of switching web hosting servers, so there may be an intermittent outage for this blog and web site..]

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  1. Macker says:

    dj — I still can’t make heads or tails of my feelings on the matter.and reading some of our ilk has not made it better for me.share some wisdom, brother! on this particular topic, I could greatly stand some godly perspective.

  2. Tim Bednar says:

    I was disturbed reading Dan Gillmor’s blog today regarding the CNN’s admission of withholding news for 13 years and the Reuters photographs of the square where Saddam’s statue was toppled.